Private Alaska Heli Skiing Luxury

Private Alaska Helicopter Skiing Luxury is $16,900 Per Day.  Repeatedly recognized for excellence, Silverton Mountain Guides private heli skiing groups receive the very best heli skiing and heli snowboarding available anywhere in the world. As a result, it is not surprising that our most popular offering is indeed private heli skiing and snowboarding.  Just you, your friends and access to the largest permit network anywhere in North America with highly experienced and reputable Silverton Mountain Guides.  Preferred by the most experienced heli skiers from around the globe.

This is the pinnacle of Alaska heli skiing and the greatest that Alaska has to offer, and it’s and only available with Silverton Mountain Guides. Silverton Mountain Guides accesses multiple mountain ranges, each with differing weather patterns and able to comfortably access wherever the best conditions are each day. If it’s sunny in the Tordrillo Mountains, but cloudy in the Chugach it’s no problem we take you there. If it’s chest deep powder in Seward but hasn’t snowed for a few days in the Chugach, we will fly you to Seward. With access to the largest permit network anywhere in North America, the sky is the limit with Silverton Mountain Guides.

Our private heli skiing groups experience the best heli skiing and heli snowboarding in the Chugach, Seward, Tordrillo, Valdez, and Neacola Mountains during their heli ski trip (each with unique weather patterns).  An unbelievable heli ski/ boarding week of enjoying the best snow and weather conditions. Our private guests heli ski around the globe and year after year our guests tell us there is no better heli ski experience anywhere in the world!

Mobility is unique to SMG’s operations and the critical key to obtaining the best weather and snow conditions.  SMG private groups are typically based from the Hotel Alyeska (a short drive from ANC International Airport). Lodging is included at Hotel Alyeska for SMG private groups, with up to 4 rooms included in the package price. SMG concierge service will help organize your dining tailored to the needs of the guests (dining not included in package).

Tordrillo Mountain Lodging is typically based from our Hotel Alyeska Ski Resort base in Girdwood.  Days to the Tordrillo Mountains are exceptionally fun, while staying in the luxury comforts of Hotel Alyeska or with one of our other exceptional lodging partners. Heli skiing and heli snowboarding trips based from Alyeska Ski Resort in Girdwood are great options for those who want to combine their Alaska Heli Skiing/ heli snowboarding trip with a family ski vacation at Alyeska.  You can heli ski and ride the lifts at Alyeska with your kids all on the same day.

Private heli skiing is actually the most cost effective way to heli ski. Although the total price is more, you eliminate all of the empty leg flights required to fetch additional groups of skiers making it the most efficient way to heli ski. Heli skiing is an exceptional experience, but the most common complaint is dealing with group dynamics.  The private heli eliminates the group factor and it becomes your week and the best ski lines are always yours.   Private heli skiing also allows you to choose when you wake up and get going in the morning and how late you ski at the end of the day.

Includes 2 hours of hobbs helicopter time per day (hobbs is only time on throttle or in flight). The helicopter is yours as needed and two hours of hobbs provides a very long ski day as it only takes a few minutes of flight to fly up to a mountain peak. This rate is good for up to 4 skiers/boarders and is the same rate with as few as 1 skier. Additional skiers/boarder may be added for an additional fee.  Private Heli Skiing options can be booked by calling the office or via email.

All helicopters are provided, staffed, insured, and maintained by 3rd party independent contractors.