Seward Alaska Coastal Fjords

Seward Alaska heli skiing is an incredibly unique heli experience.  Seward is perhaps the most scenic location of any heli ski destination with coastal fjords located directly adjacent to the ski terrain and the jaw dropping Kenai Fjords National Park within view.  The deep  snow tends to bury the mountains and develop steep spines that are located very close to the town of Seward.

It has a different snow climate, and some stellar tree skiing in addition to amazing alpine terrain.  When the weather rolls in the trees can provide fantastic skiing options with long runs that can take you directly to the ocean.  The flights to the ski terrain are generally short allowing a tremendous amount of terrain to be accessed.  Daily whale and wildlife sightings are common.

Prime November, December and January heli skiing options are available due to the location near the coast where the maritime snowpack develops early and deep.  There is plenty of daylight and moderate temperatures all winter long.  The shortest days in December are plenty long and allow a full day of skiing from 9:30am to 3:30pm.   Seward trips are accessed via direct flights to Anchorage.

We also have easy access to Tordrillo Mountain heli skiing and Neacola Mountain heli skiing.  Days to the Tordrillo Mountains are exceptionally fun, while staying in the luxury comforts of Seward, Alaska.

At the end of the 5 day trip the skiers/boarders will return to Anchorage at approximately 9pm on their final day of skiing. Anchorage has more daily direct flights than anywhere else in Alaska and is easy to get to without the need for additional connecting flights, rental cars, or ferries saving you precious time and money.

Seward is one of our favorite towns with a wonderful community, small town charm, and great dining and bars.  Seward trips are based from in town allowing the freedom and fun to explore the town of Seward.

Professionalism is valuable, important, and paramount to your safety and enjoyment on a Alaska heli skiing trip. The professionalism and reliability of the operator makes a difference when choosing your Alaska heli skiing and snowboarding experience.


Petersburg Alaska heli skiing is another Silverton Mountain Guides base of operations 600 miles south of Anchorage in Southeast Alaska.  With nearly 1 million acres of USFS permit terrain near Petersburg the sky is literally the limit.  SE Alaska has a different snow climate, and some great tree skiing in addition to amazing alpine terrain.  The weather is notorious in Petersburg, so “surgical strikes” are the way to ski Petersburg.  Petersburg trips are accessed via Alaska Airlines jetliner flights to Petersburg, which is a hundred miles south of Juneau and 600 miles southeast of Anchorage.

Silverton Mountain Guides also specializes in customized completely unique heli ski trips to the Tordrillo Mountains, Talkeetna Mountains, Neacola Mountains, and additional areas. With several million acres of terrain options and perhaps the largest allowance in North America, new areas of discovery are always at your fingertips.  If these locations are still too tame for you, Silverton Mountain Guides has the logistical experience to put together professionally led global trips to the destination of your choice. Silverton Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity service provider operating under special use permit on the Chugach and Tongass National Forest.View Rates »

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I Want To Ride All Day

Is 6 runs per day enough for your long awaited Alaska heli ski trip? Almost every other operator averages 6 runs per day over the span of their week-long heli trip. Regardless of if they charge in vertical feet or runs per day your average will likely be 6 runs per day. Silverton Mountain Guides prefers to ride strong all day long with 10-18+ high quality runs per day. You have been dreaming of this trip and 6 runs a day may not be enough..

2015 Northern Chugach Season 100% Sold Out

The good word has spread and the final slots for 2016 are gone and we are again 100% sold out. With normally only 12 skiers/riders per week, space is in very high demand as we have sold out in full every season in our history. We do get cancellations so it's worth putting your name on the wait list. Private ships can usually be added at any time at any date.