Repeatedly Recognized for Excellence by major media outlets including Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, Silverton Mountain Guides (SMG) provides the finest heli ski experience available.  Small group sizes with two attentive guides per group provide for the best guide to client ratios anywhere in Alaska. Professionalism and consistency are paramount to your safety and enjoyment. The professionalism of your heli skiing operator will dictate your entire experience (including your level of safety) and is the most important factor when selecting your Alaska Heli Skiing destination.

With Practically ZERO Down Days, Silverton Mountain Guides heli skis nearly every day of the season.  This is unrivaled by any other Alaska operator and possible because of our unique boutique style of operating. We have quick and easy access to the Northern Chugach, Seward, Girdwood, Tordrillo, Neacola and Valdez each with their own weather patterns.  We even have low-light heli tree skiing and Alyeska Ski Resort in the backyard. All you need is a flight to Alaska and Silverton Mountain Guides will take it from there.  Time is irreplaceable. Silverton Mountain Guides values your time and with multiple areas of operations within reach we provide maximum flexibility and the best odds for creating the trip of a lifetime.

October Through May We Go Where it’s Best on any given day and have the best permitted terrain access on the planet. Mobility is extremely important to your Alaska Heli skiing and heli snowboarding experience.  If you want to ride the very best of Alaska and avoid weather days, SMG is the place.  SMG strategically chooses to operate only one helicopter which allows our entire team to focus entirely on your guest week.  As a result SMG is able to be nimble and get you out skiing when a larger more cumbersome operation may not.

The Alaska Heli skiing season is now available for booking.  Join Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska Heli for the ultimate Alaska heli skiing and snowboarding experience.


I Want To Ride All Day

Is 6 runs per day enough for your long awaited Alaska heli ski trip? Almost every other operator averages 6 runs per day over the span of their week-long heli trip. Regardless of if they charge in vertical feet or runs per day your average will likely be 6 runs per day. Silverton Mountain Guides prefers to ride strong all day long with 10-18+ high quality runs per day. You have been dreaming of this trip and 6 runs a day may not be enough..
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From the Archives

Anchorage Spine Zone

The Most Heli Terrain in Alaska?

Our terrain spans multiple mountain ranges, multiple towns and multiple boroughs in Alaska. Size does matter, at least that's what we hear from our guests. SMG is also the sole permit holder of 1 million acres of USFS/BLM terrain.

Nasty photo of Sage in the Northern Chugach Zone from Mark Fisher and Powder Mag

Photos from the TGR shoot from last season are starting to come out, and are amazing! The crew made our Northern Chugach zone look fantastic.