Tordrillo / Neacola

Simply put, WE GO WHERE IT’S BEST! With SMG you have access to Tordrillo heli skiing and Neacola heli skiing and all of our other legendary zones on every trip.  You don’t want to be locked into a single zone, or a remote lodge without options if the weather or snow are subpar.

SMG strategically chooses to operate only one helicopter per week which allows our entire team to focus entirely on your guest experience.  More helicopters aren’t a positive, and only create a less personalized guest experience and competition for the best terrain and snow within the operation. SMG is designed to have all of our zones always at your fingertips and offers a uniquely curated premium experience.  As a result SMG is able to be extremely nimble and get you out skiing nearly every day, when a larger more cumbersome operation is not. 

SMG is known for utilizing the very best B3E helicopter in the business.  The ultra powerful B3E heli typically used by SMG is uniquely outfitted exclusively for heli skiing unlike any other heli in Alaska.  SMG prefers to utilize new highly advanced B3E helicopters, with very low hours.  Most helicopters found in Alaska heli skiing have thousands of hours on the machine and are decades old.  You will instantly recognize the SMG difference in helicopters utilized.

We prefer the unique flexibility that our Girdwood base at Alyeska Ski Resort provides.  We fly directly from the hotel helipad to the Tordrillos and Neacolas.  Heli skiing and heli snowboarding trips based from Alyeska Ski Resort are great options for those who want to combine their Alaska Heli Skiing/ heli snowboarding trip with a family ski vacation at Alyeska.  You can heli ski and ride the lifts at Alyeska with your kids all on the same day.

Two highly experienced guides for every group is the SMG Gold Standard. Runs are typically a minimum of 2,000 vertical feet, with most averaging around 3,500 vertical.  Runs of 5,000’ of vertical are abundant and will burn even the most seasoned skiers legs when we ride it top to bottom.

Days to the Tordrillo Mountains are exceptionally fun, while staying in the luxury comforts of the newly renovated Luxury Hotel Alyeska.  Unique to SMG, we can access all of the best zones across Alaska including Valdez and the Chugach on any given day.

At the end of the 6 day trip you and your group will return to Anchorage at approximately 8pm on your final day of skiing. Anchorage has more daily direct flights than anywhere else in Alaska and is easy to get to without the need for additional connecting flights, rental cars, or ferries, saving you precious time and money.

Professionalism is valuable, important, and paramount to your safety and enjoyment on an Alaska heli skiing trip.  The professionalism and reliability of the operator makes a difference when choosing your Alaska heli skiing and snowboarding experience.

Silverton Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity service provider operating under special use permit on the Chugach and Tongass National Forest.