Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska heli skiing pre-screens and pre-groups clients in advance of taking their reservation and are the only ones in the industry who does so.  This allows the very best matching of groups and much happier guests.  Better matched groups are in a more advantageous position to ski the amazing big-time AK lines (when the snow stability allows).  If you like to ski / snowboard hard, with 14-20 runs per day you need a well matched group.

Each client must complete a phone interview; or either ski at Silverton Mountain*; or know one of our guides; or have a friend who has ridden with us who can vouch for you to make sure we can provide the best possible experience in regards to grouping.  You don’t have to be a pro by any means, but this trip is for those who love to ski/board with passion and want as much vertical as possible each day. It’s the way to get yourself the best lines regardless if you have your own group of 4 or come as a single, double, or triple.  While we can never guarantee a perfect matching of any group, pre-screening and pre-grouping prior to accepting your reservation increases your odds for a better group.

Often clients do not want to ski the steepest runs but prefer to ski more typical heli ski terrain, however they still want to ski as much as possible each day and as fast as possible.  As long as you are an advanced powder skier who wants to heli ski or heli board as much as you can and are at a good fitness level, we can normally find a proper group for you.  If we can’t get you in the right group, we won’t take your reservation as we want you to be happy.  Most operations will take your money first and not even consider your grouping or your goals for your trip.

This private style ski trip typically restricts the amount of participants to a maximum of 3 groups of skiers/boarders using the helicopter at one time providing for maximum vertical for non-private weeks.  Days with 15+ runs and 50,000 vertical are not uncommon for a group.

Silverton Mountain Guides is also the only Alaska heli ski operation that provides two guides standard for each group for additional safety.  Two guides allows longer pitches to be ridden, a faster pace, and opens options to ride lines you would not think of with just a single guide.  If you only have one guide with you and you can’t maintain visual or verbal contact with your guide the entire time, you have two choices: 1) Ski shorter pitches to maintain contact with your guide, or 2) Compromise safety. We prefer to ride with two guides to enhance safety and your skiing opportunities. Having two guides makes a huge difference.

*Silverton Mountain is an independent and separate business from Silverton Mountain Guides.