Private Heli

Private Helicopter Skiing is $12,500 Per Day.  The private heli is the ultimate in Alaska helicopter skiing freedom.  Just you, your friends and the heli choosing from the ultimate smorgasbord of Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska heli ski terrain.  Typically used by film production crews who need the helicopter exclusively for themselves, and/or experienced AK clients looking to maximize their time hunting trophy ski lines.   Price includes  2 hours of hobbs helicopter time (on throttle or in flight), up to 4 Silverton Mountain Guides, food and lodging at the Knik River Lodge.  This rate is good for up to 8 skiers/boarders and is the same rate with as few as 1 skier.   This is the best way to ride the very greatest Alaska has to offer.  The private heli also allows you to choose when you wake up and get going in the morning and how late you ski at the end of the day if you are looking for that special lighting condition.

Or, if you prefer to base from a luxury downtown Anchorage hotel so you can bring the family along and have fun things for them to do while you heli ski during the day, staying in Anchorage is a great option (but food and lodging would not be included in the price).   The heli flights are longer to reach the zone from Anchorage, but are still feasible.  Overage at $3,600 pr hobbs hr.

Private Heli Skiing options can be booked by calling the office or via email.

All helicopters are provided, staffed, insured, and maintained by 3rd party independent contractors including Chordline Aviation, with Silverton acting as Agent for Chordline Aviation.

The ultimate in helicopter skiing freedom