Seward & Alaska Fjords

Seward heli skiing is truly incredible.  The terrain is very close to the town of Seward making it as efficient as it is fun!  The primary Seward ski terrain is a just few minutes east of town and contains spines, ramps, chutes and great tree skiing.  However when the weather is cloudy there are below treeline runs that take you right to the edge of town allowing cloudy day skiing unlike anywhere else.  This allows flexibility to work the zone to the maximum.

Prices start at $6,880 for a 5 Day / 4 Night trip and includes 4 hours of Hobbs helicopter time (on throttle or in flight), and lodging (dining not included).  Local dining options are quite tasty (and affordable) and dining is typically done as a group via the local restaurant scene.  This is a fun way to dine, while also maximizing the benefits to the local community.  The same trip can also be purchased without lodging.

$179 single heli runs (guided) are available to Mt Benson, Mt Marathon, and Spring Creek Correctional zones on weekends (per person/per run).  Six runs are available starting at $999 per day, with pricing fluctuating depending on the zones skied an hobbs used.  *Discounted $99 single heli runs (local standby rate only) are available for Seward and Moose Pass locals with local ID on weekends.  Standby local drops are based on space availability and filling 4 seats per drop.

There is great tree skiing in addition to the alpine terrain in the Seward zones with prime season starting in December, but if for some reason the coverage is subpar we will cancel the trip in advance and issue a full refund.  The town of Seward is one of the most beautiful places on earth, attached to a charming and productive fishing port approximately 2 hours from Anchorage.  Lodging is provided at waterfront hotels and beautiful local lodges/B&B’s depending on the individual needs of the group.

Seward is perhaps the nicest town in all of Alaska, with a wonderful community, small town charm, and great dining and bars.  Seward trips are based from town allowing the freedom and fun to explore the town of Seward day and night.

Professionalism is valuable, important, and paramount to your safety and enjoyment on a Alaska heli skiing trip.  The professionalism and reliability of the operator makes a difference when choosing your Alaska heli skiing and snowboarding experience.

The 5 Day / 4 Night Seward Package is only $6,880 a fantastic value in Alaska heli skiing. This Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska Heli Skiing trip includes:

  1. Four hours of base heli time*(per group of 4 riders). The plan is to ski as much as possible each day with groups getting 12 or more runs on good days (each run is typically between 2,000-4,000 of vertical) $899 per person for each additional flight hour above the 4 hours included with your Package.
  2. Lodging and food included. Price based on double occupancy (single occupancy available for $499).
  3. No more than three groups using the helicopter (for 5 day trips). This means no waiting and fast paced skiing.

*Helicopter time is measured in Hobbs hours (actual time on throttle or in flight). 1 hour of Hobbs can provide for a substantial amount of actual skiing as it only takes a few minutes of flight time to get from the bottom of a run up to a peak etc. You get to ski as many runs as possible within the 4 hours.

Seward Details:

Once in Anchorage, skiers will meet at 6am on the first ski day. We provide travel to the zone that day and are ready to heli ski / heli board.  At the end of the 5 day trip the skiers & boarders will be returned to Anchorage at approximately 9pm on their final day of skiing.

This private style heli ski trip restricts the amount of participants to a maximum of 3 groups of skiers / boarders using the helicopter at one time providing for maximum vertical. There are opportunities for clients to come as their own group of 4 or as singles, doubles etc.

Due to the limited amount of available spaces and extreme interest in this epic trip, spots fill up very quickly. Price subject to change at any time until booked.

2017 Seward Heli Ski Week Dates:
AKS1: December 5-9
AKS2: December 12-16
AKS3: December 19-23
AKS4: December 26-30
AKS5: January 2-6
AKS6: January 9-13
AKS7: January 16-20
Feb and March Dates: TBA

Petersburg heli skiing is best suited for small groups with a serious sense of adventure.  The mountains are big, the snow deep, and the terrain vast.  Due to the weather in Petersburg, trips are best suited for “surgical strikes” when the opportunities for skiing are best.  Contact us for additional information on Petersburg.

Silverton Mountain Guides also specializes in fully customized unique heli skiing and heli snowboarding trips. The Tordrillo Mountains, Talkeetna Mountains, Neacola Mountain areas are just a few zones within our several million acres of terrain allowances with mind blowing terrain. You could literally jump into the helicopter and fly for hours finding exciting terrain.  New areas of discovery are always at your fingertips and the excitement of pioneering new terrain is incredible. We have a lot of experience with exploratory trips and can customize to meet your needs. If you add ski planes into the equation for refueling, we can access almost any location imaginable. If you can dream it up, we can deliver.

Silverton Mountain Guides is an equal opportunity provider and employer, operating on the Tongass National Forest under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service.

All helicopters are provided, staffed, insured, and maintained by 3rd party independent contractors including Chordline Aviation, with Silverton acting as Agent for Chordline Aviation.

New areas of discovery are always at your fingertips