Anchorage / Northern Chugach

As we were doing exploratory mobile Alaska heli skiing / heli snowboarding trips years ago, we found an amazing zone in the Northern Chugach Mountains near the Knik River.  Our operational terrain with millions of acres is larger than the typical Valdez and Haines areas, and has multiple micro zones each with their own unique weather patterns. SMG also holds the sole permits for BLM terrain in this area equating to exclusive use of BLM land.  This normally allows for finding the best snow and greatest opportunities for dodging the weather. If you do end up with a down day, with Anchorage nearby there are a lot of fun and varied down day options in Alaska’s biggest city.

The Northern Chugach terrain has it all. Big coastal spine lines, huge open faces, chutes, ramps, cruising glacier runs, bowls, and even a few trees.  Runs are typically a minimum of 2,000 vertical feet, with most averaging around 3,500 vertical.  Runs of 5,000’ of vertical are abundant and will burn even the most seasoned skiers legs when we ride it top to bottom.

Most of our Northern Chugach Alaska heli ski terrain is at elevations below 5,000 feet so you don’t have to be a high altitude hero, but this area of the Chugach is very special and contains the largest peaks in the entire range as high as 13,176’.  We normally find drier, better snow quality and long runs that can descend to nearly sea level with the favorable Northern Chugach weather.

All you need is a flight to Anchorage. Once there, groups will meet at 7am on the first ski day.  Silverton Mountain Guides Alaska Heli Skiing will pick you up, travel to the zone and be ready to ride that day.  At the end of the 6 day trip you and your group will return to Anchorage at approximately 8pm on your final day of skiing. Anchorage has more daily direct flights than anywhere else in Alaska and is easy to get to without the need for additional connecting flights, rental cars, or ferries, saving you precious time and money.

Professionalism is valuable, important, and paramount to your safety and enjoyment on a Alaska heli skiing trip.  The professionalism and reliability of the operator makes a difference when choosing your Alaska heli skiing and snowboarding experience.

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Anchorage / Chugach News

I Want To Ride All Day

Is 6 runs per day enough for your long awaited Alaska heli ski trip? Almost every other operator averages 6 runs per day over the span of their week-long heli trip. Regardless of if they charge in vertical feet or runs per day your average will likely be 6 runs per day. Silverton Mountain Guides prefers to ride strong all day long with 10-18+ high quality runs per day. You have been dreaming of this trip and 6 runs a day may not be enough..

2015 Northern Chugach Season 100% Sold Out

The word must be spreading about how good the zone is, as the final slots for 2015 are gone and we are again 100% sold out. With normally only 12 skiers/riders per week, space is in very high demand. We do get cancellations so it's worth putting your name on the wait list. Private ships can usually be added at any time at any date.