Professionalism is paramount to your safety.  Silverton Mountain Guides is the only Alaska heli ski operation that provides two professional guides with each group for additional safety. Having two guides with you is a dramatic difference.  It opens up a whole new realm of run choices that your guide may not have considered if they were out in the field without the second guide. Additionally, with two guides loading and unloading the ski basket and monitoring both the front and back of the ski group (as we typically ski one at a time), the pace is much faster throughout the day. In addition to helping dramatically improve the overall safety, this will also ultimately increase your daily run count.

If you only have one guide with you and you can’t maintain visual or verbal contact with your guide the entire time, you have two choices: 1) Ride shorter pitches with more frequent stopping and less snowboarding to maintain contact with your guide, or 2) Compromise safety.

The professionalism and attentiveness of our Guides, are one of the primary reasons we have 100% sold out every Northern Chugach heli season in our history. When not helicopter guiding in Alaska you will typically find the highly experienced lead guides serving as licensed avalanche blaster technicians, providing avalanche forecasting assistance, and guiding skiers and snowboarders at the technically challenging Silverton Mountain, Colorado*. Many of the guides can also be found lead guiding in South America and on Denali with diverse experience in a variety of snow climates. Rest assured that a Silverton Mountain Guide will be working in the field of snow all winter long and are not part-time journeymen who may roll in to act as a guide for just a few weeks a year (before going back to their day job).

Knowing your guide is an important part of any guided ski trip. The opportunity exists for clients to ski or snowboard at Silverton Mountain* prior to arriving in Alaska. This creates the opportunity for a level of trust to be formed between client and guide before stepping foot in Alaska. Silverton Mountain, Colorado is a great location for winter chairlift served adventure skiing and helicopter skiing. It’s a perfect spot for tuning up the mind and body in advance of an Alaskan heli skiing or heli snowboarding trip.

*Silverton Mountain is an independent and separate business from Silverton Mountain Guides.

The guides work to isolate a column while evaluating the snow pack.